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What is DeliverMyPrescription?

DeliverMyPrescription is a premium prescription delivery service that allows those who are entitled to free prescriptions and cannot leave their homes to fulfil their urgent medical needs.


DeliverMyPrescription exists to supplement the stellar work being done by the NHS volunteer delivery network, and has been established to ensure the community demand for prescription delivery can be satisfied under any circumstance. By requesting that your medicine be dispensed from your community pharmacy, you will support a local independent business, helping your pharmacists provide essential services to the your community.

To get your prescription delivered, you need to enter your name, address and contact details to allow your local pharmacy to verify your eligibility for our service. At this stage, we will also ask for your payment details to allow the process to flow as seamlessly as possible. However, we will not request payment until your prescription has been physically collected by your chosen courier.

You can check our list of eligibility criteria by clicking here.

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