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How does DeliverMyPrescription work?

DeliverMyPrescription operates using a simple 5 step procedure:

1. Contact Your Pharmacy

You will need to contact your local pharmacy to inform them that you would like your prescription to be delivered using our specialist courier service. If your pharmacy is not a DeliverMyPrescription Verified Pharmacy, you will also need to obtain a valid email address for the pharmacy so we can get your delivery label to them and allow them to verify the information you submit against your NHS record.

We realise that it is perhaps unconventional to ask you to contact your pharmacy in the first instance, but it is important to note that once a pharmacy becomes Verified, everyone in the future that wishes to use that pharmacy won't have to pick up the phone! 

2. Choose Your Service

Choose between our premium delivery services. We have a number of services available to you, including timed and next-day services. Please note that the delivery time of your prescription  dependent on the availability of your prescription at the time of ordering, as well as the speed at which your request is approved by your pharmacist.

3. Register Your Details

Enter your name and address details, as well any corresponding evidence for your eligibility for free prescriptions (e.g. PPC reference number, HC2 certificate number etc.) 

You can check the criteria for eligibility for our service by clicking here.

Registering these details correctly and comprehensively allows your pharmacy to identify you, and allows them to dispense the prescription as requested. Providing inaccurate or insufficient information will cause a delay in the dispensing of your medicine.

4. Submit Your Payment Details

Enter your payment details. We currently accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal. 

We will not request payment for your service until your prescription has been successfully dispensed and collected by your chosen courier. Therefore, if your pharmacy rejects your request for any reason, you will not be charged until the issue has been resolved, and your medicine is on its way to you.

5. Wait For Your Delivery

Receive your prescription straight to your door. Our courier partners have been specially trained to observe the best possible hygienic etiquette and sanitation, and have access to the best quality Personal Protective Equipment.

Stay at home!

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